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plumbers and pipefitters-Calgary and Southern Alberta
UA Local 496

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Unions mean more power for workers to bargain through the democratic process of collective bargaining for better wages, benefits and working conditions. For management however, a union means less power and control.

As a result, many employers tend to resort to both subtle and drastic measures to keep the workers from speaking out. When workers stick together with the right representation they can overcome any managements tactics and in the end make a better and fair work environment for everybody. some employers respect workers rights and basic freedom to choose to have union representation, but many times they try to get in the way. It is important for you to know that you might encounter an employer that may attempt to coerce, manipulate, bribe or even threaten you.

What people a lot of times do not know is that it is their legal right under the labour legislation to have the representation of the union.

It is up to the worker, not the employer unless they choose to themselves to have representation from the union, an employer can not threaten, intimidate or impose any penalty on you for communicating with or attempting to have representation from the union and it only takes a favourable majority vote of 50+1 percent of the working people under the confines of the trades which the united association local 496 represents within your employer for your current employer to become associated with our union and for you the working person to have the right to have your voice and opinions truly recognized and heard.

There really is not anything to lose! Contact UA local 496 today with any inquires you may have!

Contact: Joel Reinbold 403-680-1615 or email him.