UA Local 496
plumbers and pipefitters-Calgary and Southern Alberta
UA Local 496

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Alberta's growth is sometimes beyond belief.

Fueled in large part by the Alberta Oil Sands and the many megaprojects that are required to extract, process and refine its product, our construction industry's demand for skilled workers often exceeds the available supply.

When demand is high, construction unions in this province often seek the help of their brothers and sisters – and non-union workers too! – from elsewhere in Canada and the US.

Right now, we're handling demand pretty well from within our membership, but as a whole bunch of cogeneration projects ramp up later in 2011, we expect to need plenty of external help.

It is up to the foreign worker to obtain approval from Canada Immigration for a temporary work permit, however many employers will help the worker through that process.

Our employers often pay transportation costs. Where they apply, 'Living Out Allowances' are generous. Project camps are always supervised, clean and based on single accommodation, a kitchen that supplies hearty, healthy food and both recreational and entertainment facilities.

One thing you'll enjoy about working on a union construction job anywhere in Alberta is our total focus on worker safety.

Here, both the union and the employer share a sincere commitment to safety. On a union site, you'll never hear anyone say 'Just get 'er done!'.