If you're a qualified Journeyman or Apprentice millwright, this web site aims to convince you that there's a great future in Saskatchewan working with the members of Local 1021 Saskatchewan Millwrights.

Even if you've been represented by another labour organization, there's a warm welcome here in our Local for you.

Because Saskatchewan has huge amounts of resources that the world needs so badly – energy, potash, uranium, etc – employers throughout the province are investing many billions of dollars in new mines, plants and processing facilities.

Every one of those projects involves the precision installation of equipment, and for decades after their construction, every one of those projects will need annual maintenance and turnaround work.

Local 1021's 400 regular members have won the confidence of our employers over the years, to the point where we have by far the majority of the province's industrial work.

Right now, to handle high employer demand, we've got plenty of additional help from visiting millwrights. But there's even more work coming, and our older members keep retiring, so we need even more qualified people working with us to service our employers' needs.

Over time, we're talking big numbers, too. The mining industry alone is building $14 billion worth of projects in our province, and in time, they'll need the help of more than 2,000 additional millwrights!

There's a great future in this province for qualified and experienced people working with us in Local 1021.

Please say you're interested in working with us!

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